I’d love to help you create your gorgeous life through play. Yes.

Not by the “nose-to-the grindstone” style work, but playfully. With the kind of energy you had as a kid, where you can play “full out” and be happily tired at the end of the day, feeling fulfilled.

Through playful and practical life coaching, I can show you how playfulness can 1) rejuvenate your friendships, 2) burst your creativity through the roof, and 3) help you discover how you want to make money with your favorite way to play.

Play is practical. Play works! (Funny to say, but true.) Play is serious fun.

Billions of dollars are created every year through play—movies, sports, games and competitions, books, e-books, video games, and much more. Think of the Olympics, think of Scrabble competitions, think about all of those crazy games on your smartphone. None of this is “essential” to food, shelter, and clothing for us as humans, and yet we love it SO much. We are naturally playful; this is part of our essence.

How can play help me, you ask?

Through a playful coaching with me, you can uncover some of your favorite ways to play, and follow that to new worlds of joy and fulfillment in your life.

• Enliven your friendships

• Enjoy playful Self Care

• Have a Playful Relationship with Money

And SO much more. A free, on-the-house 1 hour session is yours to try this out, this idea that play could work for you. You’ll receive my full attention, and we’ll come up with some ideas for how to bring play into that spot in your life where you are stuck, and feeling worried and fragile. We’ll get playful and practical.

More play please! You’d love some tips on how to add more play and creativity to your life. Quick tips, silly videos, juicy quotes and scholarly reasons for why play is good for us–yes. Sign up for my twice-a-month mini-newsletter:

My specialties:

Playful Living: Adding more play to your day—at work, at home, with your family, and with friends. Playing BIG in the world, however that looks to you—saving an ecosystem, building shelters for the homeless, organizing your home, oh yeah, that too can be play.

Busy Mamas: How to be yourself, be the mama you want to be, and take care of yourself, in the midst of a full-on family life—yes, let’s do it.

Career–Your Next Steps: You’re seeking something different, but not sure what it is. You’d love something that nurtures you and your bank account. Let’s explore & discover where your next steps will lead you.

Women on the Water: Take a peaceful adventure with a group of women and unstick a long-standing challenge or reinvigorate your creativity as you relax and enjoy time on the water with like-minded women.

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  • Sue River

    Hi Kathy, I’m feeling stuck in my life and am exploring ways to get unstuck. I saw your poster at Daisy Cafe for August 24th event and I put a friend request to you on FB. Due to finances, I would probably have to take group classes but want to explore what’s possible. As the saying goes, I don’t want to die with my music still in me! By the way I LOVE Martha Beck! Thank you for listening! Sue River

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